Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

A pre purchase building inspection is conducted on properties that are ‘subject to Sale’ or ‘subject to contract conditions’ they are generally completed prior to the end of the contract date.

Real Estate Agents and vendors may be required to disclose certain issues to any potential buyer. However, they do not possess the skills, experience or qualifications necessary to identify major defects or safety issues with the property to the potential buyer. 

Some defects or major concerns may be concealed and in the short term, this may look fine but in weeks, months and years to come they may deteriorate bringing to the surface what may be more heartache, disappointment and financial strain. 

A pre purchase building inspection is purely subjective. We base our reports and findings on a visual assessment of the property.  We identify any major defects or safety issues and form an opinion on the general condition of the property at the time of the inspection. We also use some of the latest noninvasive technology such as moisture meters and thermal imaging camera to assist us during the inspection, all at no additional cost to you.

The inspection and report will comply with the requirements of AS4349.1 Inspection of Building, Pre-Purchase Inspections & Residential Buildings.

We see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults that might otherwise be missed by an untrained eye and being made aware of any major issues will provide you with an overall assessment of the property so you can make an informed decision.

Inspectors in QLD (Building and Pest) are required to hold a Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) Completed Residential Building Inspection Licence and a Timber Pest Management Licence for them to qualify to inspect your property.

Limitations of the Pre Purchase Building Inspection

    • Limitation of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. An inspection of your property can only take place in areas that are readily accessible. Any areas where reasonable entry is unsafe or denied will be excluded from the report;
    • We are unable to touch or move any belongings or go into areas without consent, and as much as we love pets they can sometimes get in the way when we are conducting the inspections.
    • The inspection will only cover areas, which can be easily and safely reached from a 3.6 metre ladder. This also takes into consideration areas that have fall zones in excess of 2m. These can only be accessed safely with the use of a harness and/or edge protection (these needs to be arranged prior to the inspection if any area higher than 2m requires access)
    • When we get into roof spaces things can get tight, and we need a minimum accessible area of 600mm high or wide. We can only report on areas within the Inspector’s unobstructed line of sight and within arm’s length. The same goes for sub floor areas and crawl spaces. 

      If we can’t safely fit or access it. We can’t report on it.

    • As the inspections are generally conducted on existing properties, minor defects such as minor painting, plastering, non-structural cracks etc are not commented on unless they are major, pose a safety concern and/or they are structural.
    • Testing of appliances, white goods or air-conditioning may need to be tested and inspected by licensed trades such as plumbers and electricians as they are outside of the scope of a Building Inspection report..

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