Practical Completion Inspection

One of the most important aspects of building a new home is to make sure that the finished product meets the required industry standards and expectations.

It is your legal/contractual right to have an inspection carried out at Practical Completion and you can insist that the builder complete any items that are their responsibility to rectify within a timely manner.

All defect items noted our inspection reports have been assessed without prejudice considering the interest of fairness for all parties. This report can be relied upon as an OBJECTIVE visual representation ONLY of the property at the time of the inspection.

When completing our inspection reports specific consideration is made to the following:

  • National Construction Code (NCC)
  • Relevant Australian Standards (AS)
  • Manufacturers Recommendations (MR);
  • Good Building Practice (GBP) and 
  • Reasonability (should it be considered fair and reasonable for rectification of certain items, especially the cost vs outcome)

We know what to LOOK for!

One of the common question we get asked is ‘Why do I need get an inspection done, when I can do it myself?, my brother, father, neighbours friends cousin is a Builder and plus I have Google…’

Even if you are a seasoned investor, a first home owner or have built several properties previously, every building experience will be different and the build process can cause financial and emotional stress. That is where we come in.

Friends and family have your best interest at heart and that can also sway their perspective and unconsciously advocate you. By engaging an Independent Inspector to oversee your build, ensures that your property will be inspected without prejudice. Should an issue arise with the items noted and listed on our report, let our Inspectors liaise with the relevant Builder to discuss the technical matter. This eliminates any bias, heartache and stress if family members or friends who are involved.

We all love Google and we all use it to our advantage, but when it comes to bricks and mortar the best way to view a property is to be onsite.

 All our Inspectors hold Builders licenses as a minimum and have many years of Building and Construction experience. Your property will be inspected thoroughly taking into consideration Practicality and Reasonably ensuring that it meets the current industry standards.

We look for:

  • Incomplete work
  • Work carried out in an unskillful like manner
  • Helping to identify any defects which may cause major problems now and in the future

Our aim is to ensure that you have the best possible building inspection experience, from your enquiry to booking to inspection and through to reporting.

    Why choose K-Spec for your PC/Handover Inspections.

    1. We do not cut corners with our inspections
    2. We inspect all properties to see that it complies with the National Construction Code, relevant Australian Standards, manufacturer’s recommendations or good building practice (skillful workmanship)
    3. We will remain independent at all times.
    4. We work with each builder / supervisor to not only educate them but to lift the level of finish on your property.
    5. We liaise directly with the builder for you to arrange all inspections.
    6. Our Operations team and Inspectors are available to answer any concerns or questions regarding your inspection findings and report.
    7. We invite all clients (who can make it) to attend the inspection, we love to meet you and walk you through your property and explain our findings to you.
    8. We have years of trade experience and theoretical background and we can assist you throughout your inspection process.
    9. We are licensed in all the states that we operate in AND…. most importantly….


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