Building Inspections

K-Spec Building Consultants can provide you with a comprehensive building inspection report on your property to determine its current and general condition.

12 Months Maintenance Inspections

In the weeks and months after handover and once you have moved into your new home, your property will start to settle and there may be some movement (settlement) occurring. This is very common, and generally there is no cause to be alarmed. Also in this instance, there may be some defects that may become apparent that may not have been visible at practical completion.

Due to this, most builders have a ‘Maintenance & Warranty’ period somewhere between 6 – 12 months after the practical completion date.

During this period, homeowners are encouraged to present their list of items for the builder to rectify. This is generally the last time the Builder will be interested to attend the property, so it is imperative to get the items to them as close to the 12 months time as possible.

However, in many cases the homeowners list to Builder may NOT be the builders responsibility and likely homeowner maintenance and therefore the items are not perceived by the builder as defects. This is likely to cause angst and disputes.

At K-Spec Building Consultants we are specialists in all aspects of building inspections. We can conduct a 12 months maintenance inspection on your property and we can determine which items are homeowner maintenance or builder defects to rectify. 

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