Frequently Asked Questions

K-Spec Building Consultants specialises in all facets of building inspections. Our inspectors are fully trained, licenced and we hold all the necessary insurances for your peace of mind.

K-Spec Building Consultants provides an independent and objective advice on the condition of your property prior to purchase. In many cases, Real Estate Agents and vendors may be required to disclose certain items to potential buyers, but they do not possess the skills, experience or qualifications necessary to identify major defects or safety issues with the property.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service, inspection and advice and as such, we have teamed up with a local pest inspection company All Purpose Pest Control who conducts all of our pest inspections. They are specialists in their field, as they can inspect your property and also provide treatment management as well.

Getting professionals to inspect your property before purchase is a must in our view, as in the short term the property may look fine but in weeks, months and years to come defect items will deteriorate bringing to the surface what may be more heartache, disappointment and financial strain.

Here at K-Spec Building Consultants, we aim to provide the best possible customer service therefore we have collated an FAQ for your reference.

Why are a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections important?

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is an assessment of the property conducted by a licenced and qualified building inspector. The inspector will assess the property in its entirety and will check for structural defects, safety hazards and minor maintenance defects. It gives the potential buyer an overview of the condition of the property prior to purchase, giving peace of mind prior to the purchase of the property.

A pest inspection can also be conducted at the same time as the building inspection, the inspector can also provide an assessment of the property regarding timber pests or other termite related damages.

Some of the benefits of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection reports are: Some of the benefits of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection reports are:

  • Being informed on the general condition of the property
  • Knowing in advance of the defects or problems are (for budgeting purposes etc)
  • Using the information to negotiate a lower price for the property ie. you may have to pay to repair some of the problems
  • Gaining specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.
What is the cost of a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections?
Purchasing a property is a big investment and engaging a qualified Building and Pest Inspector is a small price to pay for your peace of mind, as sometimes the costs of the repairs down the track will outweigh the cost of the inspections. Prices will vary slightly depending on the size of the home.
What do the Inspectors look for during these inspections?

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a visual inspection of the property only. The inspection and report will comply with the requirements of AS4349.1 Inspection of Building, Pre-Purchase Inspections & Residential Buildings.

We see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults that might otherwise be missed by an untrained eye and being made aware of any major issues will provide you with an overall assessment of the property so you can make an informed decision.

What qualification does an Inspector need to have to carry out a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest inspections?
Inspectors (Building and Pest) are required to hold a Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) issued Residential Builders Licence and a Timber Pest Management Licence for them to qualify to inspect your property.

Limitation of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

  • Limitation of a Pre-Purchase Building InspectionAn inspection of your property can only take place in areas that are readily accessible. Any areas where reasonable entry is unsafe or denied will be excluded from the report;
  • We are unable to touch or move any belongings or go into areas without consent, and as much as we love pets they can sometimes get in the way when we are conducting the inspections.
  • The inspection will only cover areas, which can be easily and safely reached from a 3.6 metre ladder.
  •  When we get into roof space things can get tight, and we need a minimum accessible area of 600mm high or wide. We can only report on areas within the Inspector’s unobstructed line of sight and within arm’s length. The same goes for sub floor areas and crawl spaces.  If we can’t safely fit, we can’t report on it.
  • As the inspections are generally conducted on existing properties, minor defects such as minor painting, plastering, non-structural cracks etc are not commented on unless they are major, pose a safety concern and/or structural.
  • Testing of appliances, whitegoods or air-conditioning may need to test and inspected by licensed trades.

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