Pool Safety Inspections

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under the age of five years old. Supervising young children, teaching them to swim and having effective pool fencing can save lives. This is why pool safety laws were introduced.

(Source: QBCC)

A Pool Safety Inspector conducts inspections on pools to determine whether they comply with the standard and checks to ensure that safety measures such as pool barriers, gates, latches and signage are in place. Once the pool is deemed to be complaint, the Pool Safety Inspector (PSI) will issue a certificate of compliance.

If the pool does not comply and there are safety concerns, non compliance or visual defects found, the PSI will issue a non compliance notice for these issues or defects to be rectified.

In some instances, the PSI can conduct remedial rectification on non compliant defects to ensure that items meet the standard and can expedite the pool compliance certificate.

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